Bitabarov Ermek Abdimazhitovich –

Head of Department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

The Department of «Physical Culture» was created in 2012 as part of the faculty of «Sport and military training».

In 2012-2014, the department was headed by the Honored Trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honorary Worker of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, candidate of pedagogical sciences, Professor M. Temirkhanov.

Since September 2014, the head of the department is candidate of pedagogical sciences Bitabarov Ermek Abdimazhitovich. The department has 9 full-time teachers, including 1 candidate of pedagogical sciences, 1 senior teacher, 3 master-senior teachers, and 4 master-teachers. The department does not graduate specialists in its profile.

The staff of the department «Physical Culture»

The research work of the Department of «Physical Culture» is carried out on the topic: “Education of value orientations for students of pedagogical specialties in physical education lessons”. Head: candidate of pedagogical sciences Bitabarov E.A.

Teachers of the department have sports titles and achievements in various sports: Kateshov M.D. champion of the Republic of Kazakhstan in karate, winner of international competitions, two-time world champion in karate Shotokan, master of sports of international class, Kolesnikova N.V. Master of Sports in Karate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Sadibekova E.S. USSR Master of Sports in gymnastics, Balabaev E.Sh. Master of sports in karate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, judge of the national category.

The department has the necessary material and technical base, sports equipment for conducting practical classes in physical culture and sports events.

The teaching staff of the department conducts classes in the discipline of physical education for students of 1-2 courses of 34 university specialties.

Teachers of the department conduct trainings during extracurricular times in various sports sections in futsal, table tennis, togizkumalak, chess, basketball, volleyball, karate.

The Department of «Physical Culture» together with the University Sports Club annually conducts various sports events among students and faculty, university staff.

Teachers of the department are actively engaged in scientific activities. Every year, teaching staff of the department prepare and publish scientific articles in various scientific journals of the university and the Republic of Kazakhstan, develop and publish teaching aids on the discipline of the department.