Department of Scientific and Student Research

Research and development Department

The Department of research work of teachers (R & d) and research work of students (R & d) is a structural division of the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical University. He is directly subordinate to the Vice-rector for research of the University.

Main tasks of the Department:

- Effective use of the scientific potential of the University for conducting research within the main scientific directions of the University, approved by the Academic Council of the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical University;

- Development of scientific contacts with scientific organizations, Kazakh and foreign universities, foreign partners in order to strengthen the process of scientific and industrial integration;

- explanation of the purpose of patent and inventive activity, which is an important indicator of the competitiveness and commercial attractiveness of research results;

- ensuring active participation of students in scientific works in order to increase the number of winners of national and international competitions, competitions;

- promote the introduction of PDF files in the educational process;

- organization of scientific seminars to increase the share of faculty and researchers with publications in scientific journals with an impact factor;

Department activities:

- preparation of materials for the strategic plan of research works of the University, monitoring their implementation, consultations;

- report to the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, state statistical organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the results of University research;

- Establish and submit to the management annual funding for scientific events at various levels:

- planning and holding of national and international conferences, competitions, and research competitions;

- coordination of the activities of the Council of young scientists of the University;

- organization of research work of young scientists and scientists, supervision, coordination of participation in scientific events, competitions, Olympiads of different levels;

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